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Fight Childhood Cancer and Make A Difference!


Community Outreach To Help Families Cope

Logistical Support

Imagine your doctor saying, "your child has cancer." After your heart stops and you stop crying, now what do you do?

I Care I Cure is there for those kids and families faced with this devastating news. We can assist them with concierge-like services to help families find the answers when they need it most. We've been there, done that.

Emotional Support

Many of our leadership have been through their own life-changing, crushing cancer experiences. So, they can help provide some of the emotional support these kids and their families need during this time of despair and questioning.

We can also help get them in touch with spiritual leaders, if they would like. Anything to help these families endure the awful daily painful times they are facing.


I Care I Cure I Create is a service project created in 2015 thanks to the collaboration of Evan Steinberg and I Care I Cure. Theproject provides activities for pediatric cancer patients at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The I Create project allows pediatric cancer patients to paint, draw, be creative and express themselves while at the hospital. Volunteer opportunities include gathering art supplies & attending monthly activities for the patients. If you are looking to get involved, please contact us.

Financial Support

The staggering cost of cancer treatment can put an enormous strain on a family’s finances, even those with insurance. Coupled with the daily emotional and physical toll of the disease, it can create a dire financial and emotional situation.

Families need a break from the crippling financial pressures during the time their child faces a prolonged bout with cancer. Parents should focus on their child with cancer and be there 100% in heart and soul for their child. This could lead some families to having to stop work temporarily, or to travel for their doctors or treatments. So, we try and work with families to alleviate their financial burdens.

Whether it be working with their financial institutions, their work, their daily financial responsibilities or any other financial issue, we try to help the parents so they can focus on their child, which is the most important thing in the world at the time.

Donate Now!

Your generous donation will fund our mission to fight cancer and help the children and their families endure their daily struggles.

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