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2011 Research funding:

06/12/2019 12:38 PM | Anonymous
  • $62,500* for 131I-MIBG Imaging and Therapy for Neuroblastoma

    Kate Matthay, M.D. - University of California San Francisco;

    Research to use a new tumor-targeted therapy for neuroblastoma—131I-MIBG which can deliver radioactivity directly to the tumors. This method is more effective and less toxic than current methods which do not deliver directly to the tumors.
  • $40,000* for Mechanisms of Oncogenic Transformation by TLX1/HOX11

    Mark Yat-fung Chiang, M.D., PhD - Regents of University of Michigan

    To advance the understanding of the biology of TLX1-driven leukemogenesis so as to identify important genes that may lead to more effective and less toxic therapies as more than one third of ALL survivors suffer long-term consequences such as second cancers.

  • $40,000* for Targeted Polymeric Parthenolide Carriers to Treat Childhood AML

    Danielle Benoit, PhD - University of Rochester

    Research to develop more effective treatments for children with AML by employing a polymer delivery system that would increase the solubility of parthenolide (PTL). This would allow it to be used for leukemia therapy, as it is only soluble at around 1 mg/ml in aqueous solutions. Polymer nanoparticles used for loading a leukemia therapeutic have been successfully created and thoroughly analyzed in vitro for their potential as therapeutically relevant drug carriers in mice.

  • $40,000* for Targeting Polycomb-mediated Epigenetic Silencing in T cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    Emmanuel Volanakis, M.D. - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    Research to understand the molecular signals the allow leukemia cells to thrive at the expense of normal cells by observing certain signaling mechanisms.

  • $62,500* for Development of Childhood Leukemia Translational Research Program

    Lewis B. Silverman, M.D. - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

    Research to identify, develop, and test novel treatments and outcomes for children and adolescents with ALL and AML.

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