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2013 Research Funding:

06/12/2019 12:47 PM | Anonymous
  • $53,000* for Development of a Pharmacodynamic Marker of EWS-FLII Activity to Aid in the Clinical Translation of Targeted Therapies for Ewings Sarcoma

    Vanderbilt University; Patrick J. Grohar, M.D., PhD

    Research for a new therapy that targets the dominant oncogene of Ewing Sarcoma, EWS-FLI1, to improve survival rates.

  • $53,000* for Development of a Novel Mer TKI for Treatment of ALL

    Dr. Doug Graham - University of Colorado, Denver

    Research of treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) by targeting Mer signals (which have been shown to contribute to ALL) with biological agent UNC2025.

  • $53,000* for Treatment of Medulloblastoma

    Margarita Gutova, M.D. - Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

    Research for a more effective treatment for medulloblastoma (MB), using neural stem cells that produce anti-cancer drugs localized directly to MB cells to limit toxicity.

  • $53,000* for Engineering the Lymph Node Environment with Therapeutic Vaccine Depots to Combat Neuroblastoma

    Christopher M. Jewell, PhD - University of Maryland, College Park;

    Research combining direct lymph node delivery and vaccines to generate immune responses to combat neuroblastoma.

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